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Pre-Launch of SafeStreets

During the Pre-Launch of SafeStreets we have two community accounts for you to test drive.
When we launch our first "Live" communities in 2021 we will provide our full service package for our community members.

See our SafeStreets PRE-Launch Video

Trial Account - SafeStreetsVille

You can create a FREE TEST account in our demo community and see how our members use our network. - (please note that we delete these test accounts every 7 days.)
NOTE: Our "SERVICES" and 24/7 Live support are not available in our PRE-TRIAL accounts.                                                             -see how to Create a new test account

Trial Account - SafeStreetsHills

You can create a FREE TEST account in our demo community and see how our members use our network. - (please note that we delete these test accounts every 7 days.)
NOTE: Our "SERVICES" and 24/7 Live support are not available in our PRE-TRIAL accounts.                                                             -see how to Create a new test account

Join SafeStreets for free!
Click our live support for assistance! is you neighborhood private social network and market place
Click on the 'CREATE a FREE test account' button above to register!

We will soon announce the first planned "Live" community locations

OpenCommunities WhiteLabel Platform

Find out about running your own PRIVATE BRANDED Social Network with our OpenCommunities

NOTE! - Our 'SERVICES' are not available in our PRE-LAUNCH period!
Only our Private Social Platform - Trial Test Accounts are operational 

Everything for our Community Members is FREE!

Your Community

Private Social Place.

Connect with your family and friends using our amazing social platform - it brings communities together.

Share & Care and let other community members be aware.

Create Events and celebrate with people around you.

Be an ACTIVE community member - it's where you live!.

Your Community

Service Providers...

We give you instant access to everything in your area. Our CityMaps Portal connects you with local business and service providers - which is good for your community.

Local Service Providers list their business with SafeStreets and connect with our community members.

Our providers offer excellent rates to our members.

Keeping business local is good for our community.

Employment in your

Local Community...

Your community is full of opportunity. Use our jobs board to find your next amazing working experience.

Employers advertise their local jobs to our community members.

Our Jobs portal has everything you need to get that job!.

Keeping jobs local is good for everyone.

Easy booking service

in your Community...

We offer the best Travel Service and prices available to our members. We have been in the travel industry for 10 years. - TravelTrippa is our travel partner- best prices!

If you need it in in Travel - We can book it for you - no fuss. - Just click the booking button.

Local or International bookings - amazing prices.

Buy-Sell anything

in your Community...

Selling is easy using our marketplace.

Local buyers are everywhere around you. Promote your things in our community market place. You community support team are always around to help you.

Our Support Team

are always there...

We consider this to be one of the most beneficial services we offer - If you need help we will be there.



Live Support


days a year

For all our Community members

what is SafeStreets?

Your home is your castle and your safeplace!

SafeStreets is a secured private community social network that is run by a community active member in your suburb and residents join to become active members where they can;

Collaboratively share and communicate
Participate and or arrange events and meetings

Keep your streets safe from fringe dwellers

Buy/Swap/Sell in your own community marketplace
and so much more...


If you want a SafeStreets Community to be 'Live' where you Live - just tell our support team


Our Collaborative Secured private community networks

SafeStreets is currently in it's Pre-Launch Phase and will be launching communities in January 2021 and will grow throughout all of the Philippines - then Asia, then international.  Its very similar to the public social networks we all use everyday - however, it's SAFE - SECURE - PRIVATE - It's for your local neighborhood where you and your family live.


They manage their local neighborhood network and keep things safe and compliant for you and your family and friends.


Are all the residents in your local area and as one community look our for each other by sharing and caring and keeping your streets safe.

This Months Free Giveaways

Every month we give away prizes to our community members.
All registered members are eligible for our prize draws.

Pre Paid Visa Card

A lucky member will win a pre-paid Visa card with 1000php credit to spend anywhere they like.

GLOBE Pre Paid phone credit

We are giving away 5 Globe pre-paid call credit voucher cards.

1000php credit in your wallet

We will be crediting one of our members digital wallet with 1000php

The Clock is ticking

Countdown to our next giveaway

Your Community

Community Safety

Family Safety

Your family will feel safe and secure knowing you have access to help when you need it.


Neighborhood Safety

Neighbors who care and share with each other feel safe because they are no longer alone.


Global Safety

SafeStreets shares common global safety issues to all its administrators - what helps others can help you and your neighborhood.



They keep your local network safe and ensure its members follow the simple common rules that make SafeStreet easy to use for everyone.

SafeStreets is fun while still providing security and safe communications for eveyone!

Safety & Security with our networks and our members is top priority - Our SafeStreet platform is run on our SECURED SERVER Network and is secured in four ways.





We are looking for Community Administrators - GLOBALLY ?

Each SafeStreets community network needs a local administrator - This is a part time business and is a paid role -  you will earn a part time income and you can work from home.
If you would like to be an ACTIVE member of your community - talk to us about this great opportunity. - We are building our networks across the globe.

Your private community social network for you, your family and your neighbors.

Fun things to do on SafeStreets

They say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Sharing your Albums is great. It brings us all closer when we can get in the moment! - Looking back at our holidays makes us think about our next holiday.

Write and publish your own articles and stories.

When you create your articles, it automatically is updated in our community Library for other members to see. They can post about your article and share it to other members in their feeds.
It's such a great way to see what other members think of your articles.

Run your own Club or Association - it's easy.

- PRIVATE: Can be searched, but must be invited to join.
- PUBLIC: Anyone can see and join.
- SECRET: Can not be searched or viewed - only private access through a secret link..

Be an ACTIVE community member - share your events.

We made it so easy for you to create your events - and for your friends, family and other members to communicate with your about your event.
TIMELINE - You see members posts about your event
INTERESTED - See updates on who is unconfirmed, but still wants to come to your event.
GOING - Members who have confirmed they are going to your event.

Promote your business with your own personal or business page.

Select a Category, Give it a Title and a description and PUBLISH. Your new page is ready to update your own profile pictures and start promoting to the community.
CUSTOM PROFILES - Be creative and being your page to life with your own page profile headers and logos.
PRIVATE FEED - You can choose to have your page feed private or public.
UPDATE ANYTIME - You can change your page anytime from your PAGES menu.

Have a Garage Sale - The market place is free.

You can Buy - Sell - Swap anything you like with other community members in your area.
Now you can have a garage sale or simply get rid of those unused items in your garage or attic! It's so easy to list your
products for sale in your marketplace..

Your Community - We make it easy to get the things you need

SafeStreets Services

Service Providers

We connect your local service providers to your local community network.

Employment Services

Looking for a Job or you need workers in your local community - use our community job boards

Travel Services

SafeStreets has its own Travel portal to give our members the best global travel prices






SafeStreets Security

We are here for our community members 24/7

Direct Live Support to our operators!

We operate our live support 24/7 - 365 days a year for our community members.  Help is just a click away when you need it. - Our live support chat on all our web pages connects you with a "Live" operator that can help you in any circumstances.

Trent Davies

System Administrator - SafeStreets

Your community administrator!

You local community has a active Administrator who is always available to help maintain a safe & fun place to share and care.
Your Administrator is available during normal daytime hours and you  can submit general support tickets via our online help.

Your Community Administrator


Real People - Real Members

What People Say about SafeStreets

Our area we live has had problems in the past and my family has never felt secure - now we are a SafeStreets community member we can see whats happening with other members around our area.  We now feel safe knowing help is just a click away.

Michael Richer
Member - Lapu Lapu, Cebu

SafeStreets is fun and has help me connect with my neighbors. Now my whole family feel safer while I am working.  We have made long term friends that we would have never met. - just awesome!

Koir Salamander

Member - Banilad, Cebu

My family have been living in our ares for seven years and we still didn't know many people. SafeStreets gave us the opportunity to share and care with members living close by.

Malissa Green

Member - Talasy, Cebu


Sharing global

issues with all

It's a known fact that when neighbors share and care great things can happen.

We have researched all sorts of neighborhood watch service from all countries and all groups. We can see that community's that have safety networks in place, enjoy a much better lifestyle.

Your family can trust

We are a Global Community Provider backed by a USA Listed Public Company

Los Angeles by BlaqClouds Inc
Lv9 FineArts Building
811 W 7th Street, Los Angeles C.A. 90117

+1 323 7233 734

SafeStreets by BlaqClouds Inc

SafeStreets is Owned and Managed by BlaqClouds Inc - U.S.A. public Listed Company #BCDS 

Cebu City by BlaqClouds Inc
Lv15 HMTower - I.T. Park
Cebu City - Philippines 6000

+63 323 427 720

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