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All great things start from humble beginnings

Behind the scenes

The team behind SafeStreets are software developers with creative minds. We live and work in Cebu in the Philippines and in
Los Angeles, California - USA.

While working on many other software development projects around the world we have learnt a lot about people and how they live - from all walks of life. As global travellers, we have experienced first hand how people live and connect in so many different countries. But we found there is a common thread that most people, regardless of where they come from all tend to share - COMMUNITY SPIRIT!

And we are no different ourselves. So we analyzed many things in the online world about what people like, what they don't like and how they interact with each other in today's multimedia world. We then researched more about public social networks and the impact they have on our lives.  Then finally, we set out to build a different way for people to be social, and to also have the ability to reach-out when they need to others if they need too.  Public social networks work well, but users today are influenced heavily by the volumes of content presented to them.  So we build our own PRIVATE social network that gives our members better options to collaborate and communicate the way we want to.  
So our final step in our search for finding a perfect balance of "sharing & caring" was to create a private - secured SAFE PLACE where people could interact and have fun with their family - AND, get to know whats happening about their surroundings where they live by being part of a PRIVATE SOCIAL COMMUNITY - So, we created - 

Our Team have 30 years working              in  the international marketplace
We have 30 years in developing
global technology solutions

The company behind the technology

BlaqClouds Inc is a public listed company in the USA registered on the OTC Markets.
Our stock symbol is BCDS, which you can search on all financial stock website.

We are a software development company with offices in Los Angeles and Cebu in the Philippines. We specialize in enhanced community software and make our technology available to the public both FREE and as a software as a service (SaaS). is now the core product and service behind BlaqClouds Inc the public company.

SafeStreets by BlaqClouds Inc

SafeStreets is Owned and Managed by BlaqClouds Inc - U.S.A. public Listed Company #BCDS 

SafeStreets Growth last updated November 2020

Our numbers are growing




Global Communities


Global Members

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Protecting the interest of our Members

Running and managing online community spaces like SafeStreets is a serious issue that comes with a lot of responsibility and accountability for everything from Content, Communications, Access, Local and National compliance Laws and more.
We take this responsibility very seriously!  - Most important for us is the safety of our Members.


e have a strict set of guidelines that everyone in our communities must adhere too.  Not because we want to rule or prevent anyone from having a great experience using our services - but to ensure we have certain standards that are for the common good of all our members regardless of where they are in the world. - We call them the "Ten Commandments" :-).

Like any online environment where USERS create the bulk of the content - we need to monitor and assess what is appropriate and whats not! We use very advanced IMAGE & TEXT artificial intelligence to scan User content and we delete anything that would be offensive, illegal, or disruptive to other members.

We have algorithms that look for patterns in the behavior of what our members post to ensure they are not using our PRIVATE networks for things like TERRORISM or even BULLYING.

We keep all the data in our networks secured and we DO NOT sell this data or provide our members user content to PUBLIC NETWORKS. - Our Terms of Use and Privacy policy clearly explains what we can and what we can't do.

Supporting Global Communities

SafeStreets is designed to keep you and your family safe by giving you FREE access to help when you need it.  It's all about you and your community around where you live.  We hope SafeStreets can encourage you to become a more ACTIVE community member by caring and sharing with others around you.
We also bring together service providers in your area, they offer our members excellent rates and keeps your local economy working.

Help us bring global communities together!

Our growth plan for 2021

We can open our online communities virtually anywhere on the globe.  If we get a request from an active community member that they would like to see SafeStreets opening new communities where they live in the world - we will launch our communities based on demand rather than our time line.


Connect with us and help us get SafeStreet up in your world.  Read more about becoming a community Administrator and work from home making money.

Q4 2021

Our first year will be be our BETA year giving us the real-time user data to grow our global communities. We expect to acquire our first 1mil members in 2021. .

Q4 2022

2022 Will be our growth year to expand our communities. We expect to reach 2.4 mil free members..

Q4 2023

During this period we will branch into non-English speaking countries, and we expect to reach 3.8 mil members.

Q4 2024

Moving into providing other major services to ensure our continued growth - we will reach our 5 mil member target.

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A few words from the Founder -

“My aim is to create a universal, online collaborative place where other members can share and care with each other while still having their privacy.  Families feel more secure when they know whats happening around them”

Troy Davis - Founder
CEO - BlaqClouds Inc

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