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What our Administrators do!

Running a public network as complex as requires a lot of dedicated people. These people have to be connected with their community to encompass all the elements of it's members.
The priority of our Administrators is member safety and community enhancement.

When we are preparing to open a new PRIVATE COMMUNITY we first need to Appoint an active member of that community as a part time employed Administrator.  Prior to launching a new community we need to do a lot of research about the area, the people, the service providers and so much more.  Administrators help us with this research because they live in the community area we are preparing. After we launch the community - we have a fully trained, experienced operator to help us look after our members in that community.

So the role of being an Administrator with SafeStreets is a mix of Human Relations, research, marketing and negotiations.  Sounds like a lot of work? - Not really, and you don't need a college degree - you just need to be good with people and have a good knowledge of your local area and what it has to offer - we will train you and support you all the way.


Our Administrators share a strong community Spirit

Our Strength Is
Our Community


We take of of you
So you can take care of your family


It's where we "live"
It's our home - our community


Career Opportunities

If your thinking about moving interstate or even Interntationally, reach out and ask our regional Administrators about our Career opportunities in the area you are relocating to.
Here you can read about what it means to be an active administrator in one of our local communities.


Community Administrator

You will be contracted by BlaqClouds Inc as a contractor to perform the duties outlined below. This role will be as busy as you make it.  You must RESIDE in the community area of SafeStreets.  You will be paid a negotiated % of all revenues the company makes within your community. This is generally 30% of all revenue but depends on certain abilities and performance from you..
We provide full training via webinars on all our services and platforms so you need to have a computer and a reliable internet connection.

30% Revenue
From your entire community

Support Operators
for your community

Our 24/7 Live Support to our community members is a VITAL SERVICE.  We have our own operators support platform that can be accessed anywhere in the world by our operators. As a Community Administrator you will also be a support Operator. You will also recruit part time operators and train them to use our support platform - We will fully train you and help you train other operators. - Its very easy!

24/7 Live Support

Local Service Providers
in your community


We provide our Community members with a full CITYMAPS platform that shows them everything around their community area. Here is where we want as many local business operators to register their business so our members have the convenience to find what they need locally. Local business pay a small monthly fee to list their business in our CITYMAPS platform so they can advertise and provide their services to our local community members at great rates. - Your role as our community Administrator will be to market and communicate with local businesses and assist them in listing their business.
We will provide full training and everything you need in our CITYMAPS portal. This is where a big part of your revenue % is made. The more business that list in your community, the more revenue you will make.
We also provide a JOBS NETWORK SERVICE PORTAL to all our local communities. Employers list their job opportunities and our members upload their resume and track their interviews. This is another revenue stream for your community as Employees pay a small fee to list the Jobs.  You need to assist your local businesses in listing their employment offers.

Our local community business portal

Local Public Events

As an ACTIVE COMMUNITY MEMBER - you need to research and know whats happening in your local community area. - You have your TOP LEVEL administrators account in our community social network.  You will create local events and local content so all community members can know whats happening locally. - We will provide you with full training and support.

Local Awareness

For our Community and our members - Not for the outside world. is an ONLINE PORTAL for our OFFLINE members community. This means that community members use our community social network to communicate with family, friends and other community members in their local areaSafeStreets is NOT A PUBLIC SOCIAL NETWORK.  Only connected members in their community can use our private social portal. - This is for security reasons.  SafeStreets is for the community our members live in - not for the outside world.  Our members will continue to use FaceBook and other social networks for external communications.

Local security
for our community members

Local Authorities and

In some areas where we launch one of our online communities, (like a secured gated community) the area may have its own ASSOCIATION or other physical group with their own by-laws and rules. SafeStreets is an ONLINE COMMUNITY that is not associated with any local OFFLINE associations or groups. As a SafeStreets local Administrator you need to make contact with any local associations or groups and show them who you are and what SafeStreets is.  This introduction is important so you can connect to these local identities in the case of an EMERGENCY being raised by one of our community members.

In Case of

Members Mediation

Your role as Administrator in your local community is to maintain a common standard for all members.  Our community COMMON RULES are very clear for all members - your job it to keep the peace. - YOU ARE NOT AUTHORISED in anyway to act with any authority to any members physically. It just means you need to use common sense and be able to MEDIATE problems between our members and our community rules and policies. - We will always be there to support you and our members if required!

Keeping things
running smoothly

Members Community Social Network platform

Our community social platform is powerful and is a very important part of SafeStreets. This is where our community create their own content.  Like any USER CONTENT CREATED platform, we need to monitor the acceptable usage and content being provided by our members. We have strict standards in our terms of use policy and we also use image and text algorithms that will deny inappropriate content being published on our community networks. As the community Administrator your role will be to assist us in managing and flagging user created content.

User Created

Members MarketPlace

Our members marketplace allows all members to buy and sell goods. Generally, this is a transaction between members. If a member requires assistance in regards to a disputed transaction - you will be their first point of contact.  You will raise a support ticket in our support operators platform so the dispute case can be tracked until its resolved.
We will support you and our members in active case management.

disputes in our marketplace


Administrators ARE VERY IMPORTANT to the success of SafeStreets.  We need a PHYSICAL PERSON on the ground in EVERY COMMUNITY we open around the world. This helps us manage our communities in real time. The best part is to be an Administrator for in any community we open in any part of the world DOES NOT REQUIRE any special qualifications or educationWE PROVIDE FULL TRAINING REMOTELY via our own private WEBINAR facilities.
It is a challenging OPPORTUNITY - If you are a good administrator and can be ACTIVE in your community - This POSITION could change your life!.

This could change your life!

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Fell free to connect with our Asia/Pacific head Administrators.

10 Street, Los Angeles, CA, 93050

+63 091775 45251 Phoebe Anitainie
+63 091777 24593 - Manny Piago

Manny Piago

 Asia/Pacific Administrator

Phoebe Anitanie

Asia/Pacific Administrator

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