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Welcome to all new members!


Community Standards

It's important to have a guideline of RULES for all members to follow.  This helps us manage your community fairly and protects your privacy within the community.


hile we continue to build our online communities in all countries around the Globe, our members will tell us what works, what doesn't, what and how they like things - and how they don't like things! - We listen to our members and we invite our members to participate in our video link monthly hook-ups where we look at making changes, improvements and other things that will have an impact on our existing members based on their suggestions and input.

Our Ten Common Rules are STANDARD RULES that will always apply - and our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy will be updated on a regular basic for all members to follow.


Common Sense Always

Family Safety

Protect your Family and your privacy and keep your personal life behind closed doors.

Community Safety

Respect the privacy of other members and expect the same from them.

Global Safety

Share what you learn about Global issues that could help other members in your community.

SafeStreets Members - 10 Common Rules


Always protect the privacy of your family and fellow members.
While we encourage community participation, we also need our members to respect the privacy of other members at all times. 


Members create their own content on our network when they share and post to their friends and the community. We do not allow any content that would be offensive, unlawful or infringe on the rights of others in anyway. Please be thoughtful of others when you use our system to publish content.


SafeStreets provide members with contacts to local service providers - Service providers benefit from accessing our members network.  Members benefit from getting excellent rates and this helps your local community. When you use a service provider from our network you do so at your own RISK!.  All service providers are independent contractors and are not employed or contracted by SafeStreets.


SafeStreets appoints an ACTIVE ADMINISTRATOR who lives in your community. They help us build the community and unsure all our members maintain the level of standards required to protect the interest of ALL MEMBERS. - Our Administrators are contracted by SafeStreets and they have the authority to Terminate Members Accounts if required.  We also encourage all community members to connect with their Administrators on a regular basis as you may need your Administrator in an emergency.


One of the great features of SafeStreets is our members MarketPlace.  You can advertise and sell anything you like to community members. - But there are a few RULES in the market place all members must uphold.
#1. SELLING/TRADING of non-commercial personal items can only be advertised and sold by creating a PRODUCT in your personal account market place.  - When you "PUBLISH" your item for sale - it will automatically post your product in the news feed of your community.
#2. POSTING "FOR SALE" items directly as posts in the community news feed or on your personal page is PROHIBITED.
#3. BUSINESS PAGES - You can create your own PAGES in your SafeStreets network.  If you create a PAGE for a BUSINESS you can advertise your business and your products and services. - BUT - You can not "SELL" your products or services as a commercial business in the community news feeds. You must link your business page our to your own business website.


SafeStreets strongly advise all community members to follow the directives of all local and state authorities all all times in all events.  Employees, Agents and Administrators of have NO legal authority to enforce public Laws or deprive any community members of their liberties.


SafeStreets is an ON-LINE COMMUNITY base of registered members who use our network to collaborate, share and communicate with other members about their ideas, life and community issues. The true value in our network is for members to 'Share & Care' by informing other members in the community anything that may be unusual or that may be a RISK to other members or the community. also gives you all the tools to connect with other members in a fun & safe way.  Creating EVENTS is a good example.  REMEMBER - We are an ON-LINE COMMUNITY! - while we are looking after our OFF-LINE members and the area we live and call home - Protect your Community at all times.


Regardless of where you live in the world - if you are a member of a SafeStreets community - there are a few things all members need to understand about the OFF-LINE world and how it is SEPARATE from our ON-LINE network:
#1. has no Power or Jurisdiction to create laws or to enforce laws in your local community.
#2. If you live in a Gated or Secured area - has no direct connection with your gated community by-laws, Management or Association of your area. - We may communicate with them in times of Emergency or if its in the interests of our members.

Support-#9 provides "LIVE SUPPORT" to all it's community members 24/7 - 365 days a year.  - This support service is CRITICAL for times when our members are in need of assistance.  Our operators are online 24/7 to assist you via our live support chat widgets on our web page.  We welcome you to chat with our operators if its related to your membership, your community, your Administrator or you have an EMERGENCY.

Responsibility-#10 take the responsibility of managing our members networks very seriously.  Our network is not just the community you belong to, or where you live.  We have many other communities with people just like you and we are expanding every day - every week to all corners of the globe. Every time we open a new community - it brings hundreds of new members into our network that all have needs and issues and we deal with them on a priority basis.  
ALL MEMBERS IN ALL OUR COMMUNITIES are required to take responsibility of their own actions as individuals.
ALL MEMBERS IN ALL OUR COMMUNITIES are required to follow the terms of use and our policy agreements of their membership and use of our websites, networks and services.
ALL MEMBERS IN ALL OUR COMMUNITIES indemnify, its employees, Agents and contractors against all loss, damage or any other liability.

Connect with your local Administrator.
Recommend and Active community member to be a local Administrator                             

Get behind your local Community

Making your place Safer

Report Issues

If you see, hear or know something that would concern your community - connect with your local administrator or our live support and talk about it.

Post to the community

Our network is a powerful tool, great groups and use the news feed to keep up to speed with everything current in your area.

Be Active

Make new friends, be an active member of your community.  Sitting in your house by yourself is not good for you or anyone else.

Help Others

There is always someone going through tough times around you - if you can help someone in anyway, come out of your comfort zone and support them! - the universe will bring it back to you ten fold.

Share and Care

Our PRIVATE network needs its members to participate - reach out through our network and become involved. Publish your EVENTS and you will certainly make new friends.

Prevention is better than a Cure

As the saying goes - SpeakUp and do whats right - WHY? - Because it's the right thing to do!

Your Family
Your Friends
Your Community
it all starts
with YOU!

New communities on the horizon!  New opportunities for everyone! is opening new communities all over the globe over the next 2 years.
We all have family and friends abroad.  - If you know of an area anywhere in the world where you would like to see SafeStreets open a new community - just let us know. There may be an opportunity for your friends and family to benefit by becoming one of our Administrators in their local area.

Our growth timeline 2020 - 2022:
New Communities coming soon.

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