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Welcome to all new members!


Community Events

SafeStreets members can create all types of events.  Public Community Events that are broadcast to the entire community.
This is a powerful feature in our social portal.
Here you can see our community events feed and how members interact with each other.

Public Events Portal

Unlimited Events

Track members posts

See confirmations of attendees

edit/update your event anytime

Share your  Event automatically


Creating your own Events is easy!

Setting Events in your Events portal is simple - Birthday's, Functions, Promotions, Private or Public parties,  whatever you want to do, just create your event and tell our community about it.

Make your next Event - Amazing!

Look how simple it is to create your Event. All the hard work is already done for you. Just add a name, location, date and time and upload a photo if you like.
You can edit and update your event at anytime.


Track other Members comments about your event

Your event is active in our Events Feed.  Other members can like, comment and share your event. This is a great way to get your event in front of everyone in your community.


Your Event News Feed

When you create your event, it automatically is updated in our community Events Feed for other members to see. They can post about your event and share it to other members in their feeds.
It's such a great way to see what other members think of your event. 

Remember! – Our events feed is only for your community - not the outside world.


It's never been this simple to mange events.

We made it so easy for you to create your events - and for your friends, family and other members to communicate with your about your event.

TIMELINE - You see members posts about your event

INTERESTED - See updates on who is unconfirmed, but still wants to come to your event.

GOING - Members who have confirmed they are going to your event.


“The Core foundation of SafeStreets is to bring people together in their Communities. Our Events portal is effective and great for everyone”

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