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Welcome to all new members!


Your First Priority is keeping your family safe!

This is the core driving force behind everything SafeStreets.

Let's talk about ways to keep your family safe

Fortunately, there is an abundance of information available on line to educate yourself on best practice to keep your family safe and secure.  We have scoured the internet and sourced the best 'easy to read' resources so you don't have to.

"Protecting your family is every person’s basic instinct, it is why we would do everything to make sure the ones we love stay safe and out of harm’s way"

Always REMEMBER - Your local Administrator is never far away & our 24/7 "Live Support" is available at the bottom of this page..


Read, Download & Print



PDF Document

72 Hour 

Be Prepared

PDF Document


 October, 2020

7 Steps to Kids Safety

Learn how to keep your kids safe in and around your home with our Kids family safety PDF guide.


 October, 2020

Google Online Kids Safe

Help you kids understand how to be safe online with our Googles PDF guide.
Download it and share!


 October, 2020

Business Consulting Conference

Get your family prepared for natural disasters. This extensive PDF guide will prepare your family for the worst.

THE CORE OF SafeStreets

Our Mission to our Members

  1. MEMBERS SAFETY & PRIVACY - "To Protect & Serve" - well that's our mission, and we love knowing we can help you and your family.
  2. COMMUNITY EDUCATION - We source content from all over the planet to provide our communities ideas, plans and other great content to help all our members and families enjoy a safer living place.
  3. FAMILY STANDARDS - We will always set the standards for our communities high - we are all family people at SafeStreets and we know what we expect for our family - we are sure you and your family are the same.


How We Can Help Your Family

Our Administrators

It's a community thing!
Our Administrators are available for your family - just reach out to them!.

Our 24/7 Support

Our operators are available online 24/7 to support your family
If you need us - just click!.

Our Community

Our Community look out for each other. Get active and our community will be there for you.

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