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Global Safety

As SafeStreets launches more online communities around the world, we are effectively building a Global Resource of information that we can share directly with our Administrators in each of our communities.  Issues that impact the lives of other far away from us can in turn help us by allowing us to be prepared.  Weather is a good example.

Connecting our Global Communities

SafeStreets aggregates all safety and security information from all our Global Communities and we publish relevant content to our global websites and our local community Administrators.

Working together with local Authorities.

As a Global Community organisation Safestreets will work together with local authorities in and around our community areas.

Our local Area Administrators share their data throughout our Administrators support network, allowing them to take critical information from one of our communities and distributing that information to our other communities.


Communities in CRISIS



If your SafeStreets Community area is in a state of EMERGENCY - there are many ways to be safe and communicate with the help that is available to you. - We are Local in your area just like you are. Our Administrators and our support operators live and work in your area so help is never far away.

Your Local Administrator

Connect with them and they will know how to help you in your emergency

Our 24/7 online support

Our Operators are online and will know what to do in an emergency

Local Authorities

We can connect you to your local Authorities when you need them

Community News Feeds

Read your community news feeds to stay informed

Connect with

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