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Welcome to all new members!


Private & Public Groups

Our members can create both PRIVATE & PUBLIC GROUPS.  Your GROUP can be for anything you like - Clubs, Associations,
Monthly Meetings. You control the content and the members in your Groups. 
Here is a look at our GROUPS FEED PAGE.


Groups News Feed

You can create a PRIVATE - PUBLIC or SECRET GROUP 
- PRIVATE:  Can be searched, but must be invited to join.
- PUBLIC: Anyone can see and join.
- SECRET: Can not be searched or viewed - only private access through a secret link..

Group Creators APPROVE or DENY all requests in their group.

Remember! – Only members of your GROUP can view the Groups Feed page.


Managing your Groups is very easy.

Each group member can contribute their own content and data in the group news feed. There are so many types of group our members create and invite others to participate.

CLUBS - Sporting, Music, The Arts, Education... 

ASSOCIATIONS - Business, Local Groups, Administration...

COMMUNITY - Gated Comminities Groupa, Annual Meetings, Local Authority Groups... 

Our Groups bring people together.

Having an easy way to manage you and your friends social activities is awesome!  Be an ACTIVE COMMUNITY MEMBER and start a group today!.

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