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Community Members Fact's and requirements.

It's free to create a new community Members account on SafeStreets.
There is a few things to know about being a member on our network.

IMPORTANT! - SafeStreets IS NOT A PUBLIC NETWORK like FB or other networks we all use.
SafeStreets is a PRIVATE COMMUNITY NETWORK.  It's for members who reside in the community area of our network.
This means you can only register a FREE COMMUNITY ACCOUNT in our community if you actually reside there (You Live there as your primary residence and living location.)
Each online community we launch has a defined map area and its own Community Page here on our website. 
When you register your community account, you can communicate with other members in that community - YOU CAN NOT COMMUNICATE with other members in our other communities OR other public networks for security reasons.

The registration process is very easy to create a community account, follow these easy steps:
#1. Find the Community Page of the area you live in. - See "YOUR PLACE" Menu above. - Select your Area on the menu.
#2. Click on the Login Button at the top of the Community page.
#3. Click on the "Create a NEW FREE account in this community" Link and create your account. - SEE EXAMPLE HERE.
NOTE: You will not have instant access to your new community account:
For security , all new accounts need to be verified by our community Administrator.
When you submit your new account details - our Administrator will be alerted of your account registration. 
All Community Members are required to verify that they actually live and reside in our community area.
Our verification process is easy to follow:

Creating your new community account is easy!.

You need to select the community page from our main menu. Click on "YOUR PLACE" from the top main menu.  Select your COUNTRY, STATE then Suburb and click the link to go to the community page for that community.

Login to our Community.

To create an account you need to login to the community from the Community Page of the suburb you live in...
Click on the LOGIN button at the top of the community page...

Create a community account.

Click on the "Create a NEW FREE account in this community" link on the login page.
This will open the Registration page for you to enter your account details...

Submit your details to our community Administrator.

Fill in your account details as indicated in the registration form...
Click the Sign Up button to complete your account registration...

Your Administrator will connect with you to verify your account .

This is really simple. just click on our "Live" support and connect with our operator.  You can UPLOAD your verified ID directly in the chat. - Our operator will post it to your community Admin.
We need to see an ID Form that has the name you registered in your new account details and your residential address to verify you live in the community area.

To see how to upload your Form ID - CLICK HERE

Welcome as a new SafeStreets community member.

Our community Administrators usually process new accounts within a few hours. But it may take up to 24 hours. Check on your account - once it active you will be able to login and start becoming an active community member
Welcome aboard!.

Test it our first - Create a Free Test account here?


You can register a FREE TEST account in one of our TEST COMMUNITIES to see how awesome our community network is. THERE IS NO VERIFICATION PROCESS when you create a free test account - We delete these accounts every 24 hours.

MEMBER SAFETY? We are always here to help!

Anytime you need assistance - click on our members Live Support buttons on each page of our website. - Our operators are "live" 24/7 to answer your questions or assist you in case of EMERGENCY.




Now You can Sell - Buy - Swap anything you like in our community Market Place.


Members have access to all types of Service Providers in their local community area.


Please, let other community members know whats happening around your area.

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