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Neighborhood Safety

SafeStreets brings communities together so it's members can communicate with each other about whats happening in their streets around their home.  It's a proven fact that when communities work together - Crime rates drop significantly.

Working together...

When our communities talk about local issues, it gives us all a change to consider what issues effect us.  By posting update information in your area on our news feeds, it will help other community members who may not be aware of what you know or have seen.

Keeping our streets around our home is important to everyone of us.  We all need to work together in our neighborhood while still respecting everyone's privacy.  SafeStreets gives you the tools to be connected while still being private.

We are all different in so many ways, but we are all the same when it comes to protecting our home and those we love. So many people don't know who the person is living next door to them, we hope SafeStreets changes that by giving everyone a means to communicate with each other.


Open communications is good for everyone.

We made it so easy for you to create your events - and for your friends, family and other members to communicate with your about your event.

NEWS FEED - Talk about whats happening in your street on the community news feed!

ADMINSTRATORS - Let your community Administrator know if something is wrong!

SUPPORT - Chat to our 24/7 Support - they will know what to do!

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