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SafeStreets Data Security

As our communities grow throughout the globe with millions of members creating their own personal content, we understand the responsibility that comes with protecting that content and data. We have our own very advanced security systems in place to ensure all our members information is safe and protected from the outside world.


ersonal content and our members data is at the top of our security policies. Here at SafeStreets we have taken more than adequate security measures to ensure all our websites, platforms and databases are secure from would be hackers and other malicious predators.
Our custom built Security Systems and our own proprietary algorithms are in place across our entire networks.  It's something we are very passionate about.  While there are always risks online, we continue to develop and adopt the latest technologies to mitigate RISK.


Our system will block any form or code injection via http or sql insertion


All proxies are blocked to prevent malicious bots and other hackers


If your IP address is blacklisted on any of the main Blacklist Database servers we will prevent your access to our networks.


If you have been referred to any part of our network from a suspicious source, we will block your access and ban your IP instantly.


If you run ad blockers or other malicious browser apps we will block and ban your IP instantly.


If you ISP is listed on any database for security  mentions we will block your access to our networks.

Our Security Features

We built our own security portal to ensure we are in control our entire online and offline data repositories.
These features here demonstrate our stringent security measures across our entire networks.

SQLi Protection

Protection from SQL Injections (SQLi) and XSS Vulnerabilities (Cross-Site Scripting).

Spam Protection

Protection from Spammers and Spam Bots that aim to spam our websites. 

Bad Words Filtering

Protection module that filters profanity, bad words, bad links, bad sentences and other bad content in real-time. 

AdBlocker Detection

Detects and block visitors that use the AdBlockers to hide the ads on our websites. 

Proxy Protection

Protection from Proxy, VPN and TOR Visitors or so-called people hiding behind proxies. 

Input Sanitization

Protection Module that automatically sanitize all incoming and outgoing requests and responses. 

DNSBL Integration

Integration with some of the best Spam Databases (DNSBL) to protect our websites from Bad Visitors. 

Intelligent Pattern Recognition

Detects Unknown and Zero-Day Attacks and Exploits. 

Industrial-Strength Algorithms

Detects Known Hacker Attacks. 
We are constantly updating our database.

Bad Bots and Crawlers Protection

Blocks many Bad Bots and Crawlers that try to waste out websites bandwidth. 

Headers Check

Every visitor's response headers will be checked and if there are suspicious objects their access to our websites will be denied. 

Auto Ban

Function that will automatically block attackers and threats such as Bad Bots, Crawlers and other. 

Ban System

Helps you to block and redirect Visitors / Users (IP Addresses), Countries, IP Ranges, Operating Systems, Browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Referrers. 

Fake Bots Protection

Verifying search engine bots that visit our websites whether they are real or fake bots. 

Real-Time Scanning of All Requests

GET, POST and other types of data. 

Threat Logs

Each threat and attack is logged into our database, so we can monitor them later. (No duplicates) 

Detailed Logs

Our logs contain explicit information about the Threat / Attack like Browser, Operating System, Country, State, City, User Agent, Location on the Map and other useful information. 

Flexible Settings

Our Security platform can scale with the growth of our customers.

E-Mail Notifications

Our system emails every action to a log file. We receive instant notifications via E-Mail when attack or threat is detected. 

IP & File Whitelist

We can block/ban entire sub nets or even entire countries from reaching our members data.

IP Lookup

We can investigate IP Address and check if it is present in our script's database 


Our security processors do not slow our users data on any of our platforms.

Live Traffic

We can monitor  all traffic and web visitors via our LIVE console. 

Visit Analytics

We constantly Track and analyze how people are using our websites and platforms. 

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